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01/24/12 10:06 AM #1    

David Greene

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05/12/17 08:39 AM #2    

Don Weber (Class Of '66 Website Administrator)

Many of you from the Class of '67 might be wondering about the postcards you received asking you to call a toll-free number to "update your alumni information."  Many members of my Class of '66 have posted messages with questions about these and I promised them I would look into the matter.

Here are the facts concerning the postscards directly from the Communication Department at the Toledo Public Schools. (It took me a number of tries to get through since they have received over 200 phone calls about these.) 

  1. Yes, this is sanctioned by TPS.  It's not a scam.
  2. TPS does get a portion of the profits from each directory ordered.
  3. The money they receive will go into the TPS Foundation, a source of private funds that "has traditionally raised supplemental funding for programs, academic initiatives and scholarships."  It has recently been restructured to modernize it and increase its impact.  Interestingly enough, the Foundation's Interim Director is a '66 Classmate, Gary Thieman, and another '66 Classmate, Mark Luetke, serves on the board of directors. I should point out it is not The Foundation's intent to compete with other school-related organizations (such as our own Start High School Hall of Fame) for funds. Here's a quote from their dedicated page on the TPS website: "The Foundation's intent is to compliment and provide resources to support other existing TPS fundraising organizations – not to duplicate their good work. The district's high school foundations, booster organizations, PTO groups and others do outstanding work. The TPS Foundation will focus on areas of unmet district need to enhance learning and promote success for students across the district."
  4.  So far, the postcards have only been sent to alumni of "current" high schools.  Eventually, they will also be sent to alumni of the four former (read "closed") high schools.

As far as answering the question of how they got your address to send the postcard to you, I don't have a definite answer.  However, most of our general contact information is a matter of public record.  The directory company in Dallas undoubtedly has various computer programs that search for and cross-reference the most up-to-date address information for each person on their list.  My guess is TPS only provided them with a database of names of graduates from each school and the dirctory company did all the research to gather each address.

That's about all I know. I hope this helps.

05/23/17 06:11 PM #3    

Don Weber (Class Of '66 Website Administrator)

Hi, all,
Don Weber here, once again, from the Class of '66.  I know your 50-Year Reunion is rapidly approaching in October, but there's another great way in the near future to stay connected.  Below is a posting I just added to our Class of '66 website about an upcoming TPS-sponsored alumni event and I think it would be fantastic to see the largest group of alumni in attendence to be from Roy C. Start High School!  Hope to see you there...

Let's Get Together!

We have another great opportunity to all get together for what looks to be a really fun-filled evening with literally no work on our part.  The 9th Annual District-Wide Alumni Event is scheduled for Friday, June 16th at Fifth-Third Field.  This is same evening that the Mudhens are scheduled to do their "Hard Day's Night Beatles Tribute" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club" album. The team will be decked out in special Sgt. Pepper-themed jerseys and following the game (and fireworks) there will be an on-field concert by the Beatles tribute band "Hard Day's Night" from Cleveland.  (Click on the two links for more info on the tribute band and to see the cool jerseys the team will be wearing.) The TPS Alumni festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. with a buffet dinner (and cash bar) at Top of Nine followed by the Mudhens vs. the Durham Bulls game, followed by fireworks, and concluding with "Hard Day's Night" performance until Midnight.  And here's the best part...all this entertainment and fellowship will set you back a mere $20.00 per person!  A few years ago a number of us went to one of these District-Wide Alumni events at The Roost at Fifth-Third Field and it was a great evening.  One interesting thing we all noticed was the school with the largest number of people and the most enthusiasm was Waite High School.  Now, I propose we change that this year.  I plan to post this notice on the websites of the Classes of '65, '67, '68 and '70 (who are all pretty "active" classes) to boost the numbers and continue our plan to do multi-class functions. The deadline for ordering tickets is Monday, June 5th.  Below are the front and the back of a mailer that TPS sent out with more details and a ticket form you may download, fill out and mail in with your payment since there's no ability to order your tickets online.  This is a lot of entertainment for 20 bucks and I hope to see a lot of folks on June 16th.  Check your respective calendars and let me know if you can join the fun.

05/24/17 02:44 PM #4    

David Greene

Thanks Don for keeping Class of '67 informed.  If I still lived in the area I would try to be there.  But it is a long drive for me. 

07/18/17 01:37 PM #5    

Charlie Shapiro


The following is a message I posted on the Start High Class of '66 website.  I received an email from your Class site Administrator, Dave Greene, giving me permission to repost this on your Message Forum.


Sam Epstein Celebration of Life:   July 9, 2017

I just wanted to publicly thank Sam Epstein's family for hosting the Celebration of Life gathering at Heatherdowns Country Club this past Sunday honoring our beloved Start High School coach and teacher.  As most of you know, Sam passed away in February of this year and his family had planned this Celebration of Life to coincide with Sam's birthday, July 9th.

Sam's wife, Donna, and his children were so gracious in personally welcoming all of the people who attended.  It truly was a celebration of Sam's life, with people in attendance including family, close friends, former co-workers, students and even one of Sam's 1952 DeVilbiss High School classmates.  The family had displayed many family photos as well as photos and memorabilia from different chapters of Sam's life which really gave me a little glimpse of how many lives that Sam had touched.

On prominent display were several photos and memorabilia from Sam's teaching and coaching days at Start High School.  Sam's wife shared with me how Sam spoke so fondly of his time in coaching, and how Sam told her on several occasions how much he loved coaching.

I was thrilled to be able to share this time at this event with Bill Baker who was the co-captain of the 1965 season Spartan football team and one of my teammates from the Start Class of '66.  For me, Bill and the other football players from the class of '66, Sam Epstein was the only Varsity Head Coach that we ever played for as he was our coach for both our Junior and Senior years.  It was great sharing memories with Bill of our days on the gridiron some 50+ years ago and our appreciation of Sam's dedication as our head coach.  It was amazing to me that our appreciation and respect for Coach Epstein extended so far beyond the football field and into so many other aspects of our lives.

It was also great to see some of the football players from the Start High graduating classes immediately behind us.  Mel De Mars from the class of '67 as well as Mike Bochnovich and Phil Ziemke from the class of '68 were also there to honor our former coach.  It was also great to see another one of our coaches, Tim Murnen, who came to pay tribute to Sam.

All in all it was a wonderful afternoon renewing old friendships and most of all paying tribute to our Coach, mentor and friend, Sam Epstein.  He will surely be missed by his loving family and all of the people whose lives he touched over the years.

May you rest in peace, Sam


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